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Nominations are in......

Nominations are in......

Adele Newberry15 Jun - 17:05
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Celebrate our outstanding club members and volunteers

Thanks to all the coaches, captains and club members who have taken the time to vote for our Club awards. The nominations are below. Make sure you join us to celebrate these amazing people on the 27th of June from 7pm at the Victory ground.

Ladies’ most committed player
Sharon Holton
Sara Foster
Kaitlin Riddle
Jenny Clark
Julie Dunger

Ladies’ best young player
Caris Gregory
Charlotte Whiting
Issy Johnson
Bella Bridgeman
Issy Snell

Ladies’ most improved player
Fiona Stokes
Holly Dryland
Heather Dunand
Jaz Grayling
Liv Hyndman
Claire Jefferies-Wilson

Men’s most committed player
Andy Longfield
Andrew Dahl
Finn Sullivan
Eddie Gibson
Gus Sullivan
Josh Harpur

Men’s best young player
Merlin Stamper
Rhys Whiting
Gregory Slater
Noah Fenn
JJ Etherington
George Prentice

Men’s most improved player
Daniel Rice
Henry Wallace
Theo Kettle
Rhys Whiting
Noah Fenn

Umpire of the year
Neil MacDonald
Sarah Wills
Finn Sullivan
Eddie Gibson

Club Member of the year
Emily Denney
Andrew Dahl
Martin Sully
Sharon Holton
Matt Fordham
Finn Sullivan
Sophie Edghill
Mel Podd
Katie Slark-Hollis
Emma whiting

Club Umpire of the Year
Alan Snow
Sarah Willis
Jules Dunger
Neil MacDonald
Eddie Gibson
Patrick Sullivan
Becky Guy

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