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Survey Results

Survey Results

Adele Newberry19 Mar - 09:28
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Thank-you for your opinions

We recently asked you to provide feedback on on your experience playing and as parents of those who play at the club. Thank-you to all that took part, we cannot improve, aligned to your needs, without this feedback.

The focus of the survey was communication, quality of training and development potential (areas of improvement from the survey last time).

Overall we are providing high quality training for both Senior and Youth Sections (thanks to our brilliant coaches) and communication is good.

In the Senior section 50% of you thought that training had improved and in the Youth section 44% of you thought that your child had improved.

As a summary:

Themes and considerations for the Senior section

  • Good quality of coaches. Players like game related training and would like more fitness, strategic and analysis sessions. Review how we can utilise other sessions for player improvement where needed. Continue to support coaches to develop.
  • We need to consistently utilise all media channels for comms. Continue to increase our comms across all channels.
  • Events need to be communicated well in advance (and more socials would be good). Yearly calendar to be formulated. Social media to advertise events well in advance.
  • Teas; an alternative to pizzas. Review options for next season, could Culford provide again?
  • Kit; orange Vs blue. Further survey carried out, blue home and orange away kit decided.

Themes and considerations for the Youth section

  • More variability in results than with senior section. Support coaches to help with consistent quality of coaching.
  • Skill variability and lack of numbers can make training sessions difficult. Support our coaches to accommodate different group sizes and skill variability (recent EH coaching course may have helped).
  • More fixtures are required and communication for these games needs to be well in advance and clear. Fixtures for next season, planned and communicated well in advance. Running of Youth section to be more fairly distributed, we need more volunteers. Recruit more team managers to support the teams to play.
  • Social aspects for youth players needs to be improved, including TUAP sessions. Social calendar for next season planned in advance and yearly calendar shared. Create more youth TUAP sessions.
  • Improving number in Youth section, especially in certain age groups. Continue to develop outreach and partnerships with other youth organisations.

The full survey results are attached as a PDF


March 2024 Survey Feedback

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