Youth Hockey Section 5 of 5

5. House Rules

Please note the following guidelines for the Junior Section:
  • Please stick to the speed limit on the site 15mph. It is designed to keep all the users of the site safe.
  • Please park at Pre-prep school on Sunday mornings and follow the path to the hockey pitches.
  • Please do not park in front of the gates to the Walled Garden pitch - access may be required by emergency vehicles.
  • Whilst your children are at coaching, please stay at Culford. If you do have to leave make sure the team manager is aware you have left the site, and please ensure they have your mobile phone number.
  • We still have parents that just drop their child(ren) and return at end of training. Please be aware that club policy is for all children to have an adult with them nearby.
  • Coaches request that girls with long hair have it tied back.
  • Only children receiving coaching are allowed on the pitch. We request that all parents, siblings, dogs and kids waiting for their training to start wait outside the fence.
  • If you bring your dog along, make sure you bring poo bags as well and keep your dog on the lead near the pitches, sports centre. You can let them off the lead once past Main School building.
  • You cannot just bring along your kid’s friends and allow them to join in with the coaching.
  • Please direct anyone to our website and hit Join Club and register your child for an age group. It doesn't cost you anything at that stage but lets us communicate when and where we can get you into a session.
  • If your child is unable to attend training, could you please email their Team Manager asap. Use the Pitchero messaging app to do this.